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Kentucky Dad Podcast with Randy Newman from Big Blue Express

Have some laughs with a familiar face from the UK media

Big Blue Express

Randy Newman from Big Blue Express is the latest guest to join the Kentucky Dad Podcast.

Randy has two kids and works closely with his wife, Amy, to create all of the terrific content that Big Blue Express’ gets out to Wildcat fans.

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This is a great episode to check out if you’re running short on time! We kept it to just about 20 minutes but still managed to hit all the normal segments.

Randy and Big Blue Express have been on the beat covering Kentucky Wildcats basketball since 2013. It quickly became a passion and as it now approaches a decade of coverage, Randy admits that he couldn’t imagine not having this outlet in his life.

They keep the brand in the family too. Randy’s cousin, Adam Griggs, focuses more on the football side of things for Big Blue Express. Their family approach is a pretty neat way to go about the logistics of covering a team like the Kentucky Wildcats.

We plan to get Adam on the Dad Podcast in the near future.

Being from Madison county, it’s no surprise that Randy grew up a big UK fan. There is very likely some actual blue coloring inside his blood.

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