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Kentucky Dad Podcast with Adam Griggs

Another slice of the Big Blue Express pie joins the show.

Adam Griggs

Another slice of the Big Blue Express pie joined the Kentucky Dad Podcast this week.

Adam Griggs followed his cousin Randy’s appearance with an entertaining chat about fatherhood.

In my opinion, Adam is one of the most underrated follows on Twitter. So make sure you’re following him @BusinessRaptor for the laughs he consistently brings.

One of first topics of discussion was his execution of multiple viral tweets. It comes as little surprise that his most popular tweet was a hilarious dig at the joke that is the University of Tennessee.

Well done, Adam. Well done.

The Business Raptor is the father of two boys and is proudly married to his college sweetheart. They tied the knot as 21 year olds after meeting in college at Eastern Kentucky University and have never looked back.

Specializing in football, Adam has helped grow the Big Blue Express brand while also keeping up with the responsibilities of his full-time job and his family. You’ll usually find him at Kroger Field in the press box on game days.

Despite working in a shoe store — Al Bundy was not selected as his favorite TV Dad.

However, he did come with a name that we haven’t heard before on the Kentucky Dad Podcast.

We try to keep these at 30 minutes or less. So please take a small portion out of your day to check it out. There are dozens of episodes that aren’t necessarily timely so you could listen whenever.

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