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Friday Quickies: Fixing Devin Askew Edition

Here’s to hoping things turn around, soon.

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NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Despite shooting 2-9 on Tuesday at Alabama, Brandon Boston’s confidence quickly rose in the week prior. While it appears he may be right back in another slump, point guard Devin Askew has most certainly joined him over the last four games.

In Askew’s last 88 minutes, he’s... well... not exactly cutting it in terms of efficiency.

It’s enough for both the common fan as well as the media to see. So why is he playing so much late in games? Or even at all?

Kentucky is losing much more than they’re winning so far this season, so it makes sense to play their players who are playing the absolute best right now and worry about feelings/emotion later.

But that probably makes “too” much sense for head coach John Calipari. For a head coach that currently has a record of 5-10 this year, Calipari believes he has a “simple” explanation for Askew’s struggles.

Unfortunately, until proven otherwise, that explanation doesn’t appear to be the solution. But hopefully we’re all wrong and Calipari will end up proving us so. Because looking at all of the successful Kentucky teams, they were driven by excellent point guard play. And right now, Kentucky doesn’t have that at all.

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