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Dontaie Allen’s AAU coach diagnoses Kentucky’s offensive issues

Maybe this has more to do with recruiting than X’s and O’s.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats now have double-digit losses for the third time during John Calipari’s 12 year tenure in Lexington. One of those other teams finished as the runner-up in the NCAA Tournament, the other was viewed as an embarrassing failure. Either of those teams would run this one off the floor.

The problems with this team are obvious. Too many turnovers, too little shooting, and an offense that looks like five guys drew it up in the sand at the playground before a pickup game. So many problems, but not a ton of solutions so far. After Tuesday’s loss at Alabama, Dontaie Allen’s AAU coach, Steve Quattrocchi, offered his thoughts on what is wrong and how to avoid these issues moving forward.

“It is really hard to put together a “best offensive lineup” for Kentucky right now,” Quattrocchi tweeted on Tuesday. “Clarke back would help but they have too many 4s and 5s and not enough guys who can make jump shots. Hopefully this changes the staff’s recruiting methods moving forward. Have to have shot makers!”

It seems Coach Quattrocchi believes the issues here are in recruiting, and not in the design of the offense. With Olivier Sarr, Isaiah Jackson, Lance Ware, Keion Brooks, and Jacob Toppin, the Wildcats due have a host of front court players that each bring their own contributions to the team. But not all of them are able to score in bulk on the offensive end.

Aside from Davion Mintz and Dontaie Allen, the Wildcats rarely hit a shot outside the paint. Even if the all the bigs were scoring machines, it would be easy to defend them with no shooters to pass to out of double-teams.

Calipari has rarely recruited pure shooters. But this season has highlighted the need for that more than any other. Will he make a change in his recruiting? Or will Kentucky be at risk of a stagnant offense year-in and year-out?