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Skyy Clark still confident in Kentucky on and off the court

“I know not everyone will come, but I feel like we’ll be able to get some of them.”


The current unprecedented woes of the Kentucky basketball program have left no one untouched.

Players, coaches, and fans are all new to the experience of losing at such a high rate and are learning on the fly how to cope with it.

But what about future Kentucky Wildcats?

How are they handling the bad exposure of this historically poor season?

2022 shooting guard and Kentucky commit Skyy Clark took to his blog on SI and shared this some his thoughts before Saturday’s win over LSU.

“I’ve watched a lot of Kentucky basketball this season and, it hasn’t been the typical Kentucky season, but I see them improving and I’m confident they can finish strong!” Clark wrote in his blog post.

You have to imagine that the five-star prospect is occasionally catching an ear full from folks teasing him about UK’s struggles, though they did rebound with a great win over LSU on Saturday.

Of course he’s going to say all of the right things about his confidence in this team to turn things around, but even he must be perplexed by what’s unfolded this season.

As of now, Clark remains in the 2022 class, but heavy speculation still exists that he will ultimately reclassify to the 2021 class.

Regardless of when he comes, the Big Blue Nation will welcome a lethal scorer like Clark with open arms. Currently, he’s averaging 26 points per game for Brentwood Academy in Tennessee.

The BBN will also be pleased to here that despite things still being abnormal, Clark is still doing his part on the recruiting trail.

“I’m still working on bringing some guys with me to Lexington too! I talked to Amari Bailey recently then Shaedon Sharpe is another guy we’re on. Jalen Duren has another offer in our class and the most recent offer was Jaden Bradley, so I’m working on those guys! I know not everyone will come, but I feel like we’ll be able to get some of them.”

You can read the entire blog post here.