Closing Comments

I am incredibly disappointed that there is no comments section on the Joe B. Hall integration article. I've always enjoyed the back and forth we have on this site when it comes to basketball. We frequently have good discussions when the topics move beyond basketball as well.

There will always be trolls. We can't shut down difficult conversations just because we're afraid of a few trolls. Everyone who participates in those discussions does so freely. When feelings get hurt, we mend them like responsible individuals or we take our ball and go home. Either way we have a chance to grow as humans. To grow in our understanding of people who don't think just like us; to grow in our understanding of topics that seem foreign to us.

I get why we mostly stay out of religion and politics with most sports articles. But if we're going to delve into them, we need to do so in an open manner. It's not a conversation if only 1 voice gets to speak. It's not a community if only 1 point of view gets a platform. This is dangerous and I urge you to reconsider your decision. The conversation that follows might be difficult, but it will be worthwhile.