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Frustrated Calipari fires shots at fans and media

Things have gotten shockingly bad.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We saw for the first time tonight something we haven’t really seen in the last 12 years of the John Calipari era, an insanely frustrated press conference.

Seemingly known as being a wizard when it comes to being behind a microphone, it seems like that skill has completely disappeared.

Following a last-second loss to the Georgia Bulldogs, Calipari let off some steam in the postseason interviews that he may regret.

Fans across the Bluegrass have been making their thoughts and opinions known this season. Well folks, Cal has heard them and has at least made it sound like it’s getting under his skin.

The first part of this quote is the most interesting part. One can only imagine that he is referring to the big change all of the fan base called for, and that was to take BJ Boston out of the starting lineup. But whatever he is referring to, doesn’t seem to be sitting to well with him.

It is no secret that this has been probably one of the worst coaching years Calipari has had through his Hall of Fame career.

Does some of it have to blamed on the restrictions COVID-19 has put on the season and offseason? Absolutely.

Has he had trouble figuring out the tweaks he needs to make to fix this team? For sure.

There haven’t been some good looks for Cal this season, but calling out the fans and media definitely isn’t going to help any case to get everyone rallying around this team.

“You can tell my frustration right now, but I’m the coach, and I have a job to do, and I’ve got to find ways to win games.”

We can only hope he finds a way, because things have gotten pretty bleak at an incredible rate for the Kentucky Wildcats.