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Florida’s Twitter account trolls Tennessee for McDonald’s bag scandal

Someone also painted Tennessee’s rock with a similar message.


On Monday, Tennessee announced the firing of head football coach Jeremy Pruitt for cause after an internal investigation found a number of Level I and Level II recruiting violations.

On Tuesday, Dan Patrick reported that Tennessee football assistants “put money into McDonald’s bags and gave them to the recruits when they came on campus.”

Later that night, the Florida Gators faced off with the Tennessee Volunteers in basketball, a game that saw the Gators dominate the Vols from start to finish in a 75-49 blowout victory.

After the game, the Gators’ men’s basketball Twitter account won Twitter for the night when they tweeted, “We’re lovin’ it,” a clear connection to the famous McDonald’s slogan.

In addition, someone painted ‘I’m lovin’ it’ on The Rock, located in Tennessee’s campus.

As for the Tennessee football program, they are now looking a new head coach which will be difficult since they will likely face several NCAA violations.

Mark Stoops was on Kentucky Sports Radio Tuesday morning and he noted that the news is not surprising to him.

“I gotta be careful in my response here,” Stoops said. “Did I see it coming? Yes, I’m grateful it came. Does it surprise me? Not one bit.”

Once again, the Volunteer coaching search has begun, and I fully expect it to be as fun to follow as the last one.