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Mark Stoops puts halt to JJ Weaver and Kelvin Joseph rumors

Nothing to see here.

Mississippi State v Kentucky Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Tuesday morning, Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops had an interview with KSR. There, he had to put a halt on some rumors I’m sure he didn’t expect to hear this offseason.

In the last couple of days, some fans have seen some social media posts that got them concerned and potentially excited about a departure and a returnee to the football team for the coming season.

The rumor on the departure was about J.J. Weaver. He took to his Instagram story a couple of days back showing him spending time in Florida, which got some fans on edge that he might not return. Not sure where that thought came from, but there isn’t very many people who would disagree with his choice to spend some off time on the beaches of Ft. Lauderdale.

Stoops confirmed that Weaver will return to campus soon to start rehab on his knee and expects to see him back on the field sometime this fall. He didn’t give a timetable on a return date when asked.

Now, the returnee that’s not happening.

This image circulated around Twitter this week and got some fans quite excited about the possibility.

It doesn’t seem like much until Kelvin Joseph himself retweeted it. Could we really be seeing another year of Bossman?

Stoops confirmed that Joseph will not be returning to the football team this fall.

You know the college football season has ended, and the offseason has started when this stuff starts circulating around the internet.

Spring Practice cannot come soon enough folks.