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Calipari still believes his team can make a run to NCAA Tournament

It’s going to take a dramatic turnaround to become possible.

CBS Sports Classic - North Carolina vs Kentucky Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Emotions are running high across the Bluegrass, as Kentucky dropped to 4-8 on the season, and have lost two straight after starting off league play with three straight wins.

Fans are disgruntled as they watch a team struggle to reach 65 points each time they take the floor. National media doesn’t seem to think that the Cats will be able to put it together.

Calipari still believes his team can make the run though. He was asked in this afternoon’s press conference if his team still had time to earn and NCAA tournament invite. He replied with this, “We still have our chances. We can go on a run and we’ll be fine.”

That's some major confidence and optimism from Cal.

“We still have our chances,” Calipari said after the game. “We can go on a run and we’ll be fine.”

That’s a lot of optimism for a team that hasn’t show much proof it’s capable of going on a sustained run. But Calipari is at least publicly expressing hope in his team.

“At some point, it’s going to click. We’re one of those teams that’s trying to figure it out–you can’t just ride one or two guys,” Calipari said after the game. And I’ll be honest with you, it may be game to game. OK. Then it’s game to game, who’s getting more looks, who’s making more shots?”

It’s pretty obvious that this team is struggling to find its groove across the board. The players find a rhythm, then it just seems to fall apart at the seams. Even Coach Cal seems to be struggling to figure out how to make this roster work.

Even though this season may seem hopeless at this point Cal still has some hope to save the season, and be competitive come SEC tournament time. At moments, you can see the potential he is talking about.

Devin Askew showed even more promise down the stretch today. Jacob Toppin continues to fight his tail off each game. Dontaie Allen has proved he is the pure shooter from the outside. Getting Terrance Clarke back, and consistency from Sarr each night and this team could become interesting just as they were against Florida.

Let’s hope the faith Calipari has in his team to make a run is true or else there may be a lot of free time come March.