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Jacob Toppin speaks the truth on why UK’s offense is struggling

Some players are really hurting this team with ‘me’ basketball.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

There is obviously something going on with the Kentucky Wildcats that we do not know about. The lineups don’t make sense, the offense is stagnant, and fans and players alike seem unhappy.

While it is uncharacteristic for a Kentucky player to put something out to the media that is controversial, one could argue we got that after the Wildcats’ brutal loss to the Auburn Tigers on Saturday.

One of the few bright spots of Kentucky’s game on Saturday was Jacob Toppin, who had 10 points on only four field goal attempts, led the team with six rebounds, and played excellent defense. He was also the guy with the strongest emotions in the postgame press conference.

After the game, Toppin stated, “Sometimes when we are playing, some people tend to go off and play ‘me’ basketball, and that’s what we don’t need.”

The primary complaint from fans and media has been the lack of production, yet no lack of minutes, for BJ Boston.

Boston came in as the top recruit for Kentucky’s No. 1 2020 recruiting class. However, expectations have been anything than met.

Despite being Kentucky’s leading scorer, Boston has shot less than 35% from the floor, and he has been known to be a clog for the offense. He’s attempted 144 shots this season, 38 more than the next closest player (Davion Mintz), yet has the worst shooting percentage on the team (34.7%), as well as the worst three-point shooting percentage of anyone that’s attempted more than five threes (17.5%).

Of course, you want the best for the young man and you want to see him succeed. But are his struggles a result of a lack of an effective plan on John Calipari’s part? Or is Boston ignoring the plan and trying to do his own thing?

These are questions that everyone in the fan base would like to have answered. But due to Calipari’s loyalty to his guys (evidenced here), we will likely never have answers. All we can hope for is for these player disputes to be settled behind closed doors and for the team to come together and put together a run in March.

But given the direction of the season up to this point, is that really something we should expect?