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Kentucky falls at Auburn: 4 things to know and postgame banter

The Cats drop another one thanks to their struggling offense.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats fell to the Auburn Tigers Saturday afternoon by a score of 66-59.

Kentucky kept it close for awhile, but they drop yet another game. Auburn was ice cold for the majority of the game, which is the only way for UK to win games nowadays, but they couldn’t keep the Tigers at bay all day and they simply couldn’t score.

Next up, the Cats will travel to Athens to take on the Georgia Bulldogs on Wednesday night.

Jackson returns to the starting five

After a brief hiatus from the starting lineup, Isaiah Jackson returned to it today. We saw Lance Ware make a few starts followed by Keion Brooks making a start, but Jackson was officially back today.

And it was well deserved after he was one of only a couple of guys who played halfway decent on Tuesday night. Jackson scored well and blocked seven shots. Today, he started, but he disappeared in the second half and barely played despite his ability to wreak havoc on the defensive end. It was a very questionable decision.

Slow start for both teams

Man, that was an ugly start. Kentucky and Auburn started the game 2-22 combined from the field, which led to a 2-2 tie seven (!) minutes into the game. Yeah, it was bad.

Of course, both teams started to find their stroke a little bit, but it was still only 25-21 Cats at the half. Allen and Toppin, who are discussed below, were the only players keeping UK afloat.

Sure, there was some good defense, but it was mainly both teams just being extremely cold—Auburn from three and Kentucky from everywhere.

Allen shouldn’t come off the floor

At this point, it’s coaching malpractice to not have Dontaie Allen in the game. He didn’t start the game, but he scored the team’s first five points. Then, it took seven minutes for him to see the floor in the second half.

His defense isn’t great, but it’s also not terrible. He makes plays. Plus, Allen spreads the floor, makes shots. and rebounds. It’s simple.

He’s the best pure shooter on a team with no shooters. He needs to be playing 35 minutes per game with the way this team plays. Give him ALL of BJ Boston’s minutes,

Toppin continues to give valuable minutes

Jacob Toppin is another guy who just has to play. His biggest attribute is his hustle, but he does much more than that.

Topping can defend anyone on the opposing team. He isn’t a big, but he’s got size and length. It’s crazy to watch him guard other teams’ point guards, like he did at times against Sharife Cooper today.

He’s at his best when he attacks the basket because his shot is inconsistent. He’s also a tweener because he’s definitely not a three, but he’s not strong enough and doesn’t play like a four.

He’s an interesting, versatile player that will only get better over time. He gives good minutes and should be playing more.

On to the next one.