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Louisville legend Butch Beard asks to be disassociated with University

Beard wants the school to remove his name and all of accomplishments.

Portrait of Butch Beard

Per a report from Sports Illustrated, Louisville Cardinal legend and 1975 NBA champion Butch Beard has emailed a letter to president Dr. Neeli Bendapudi, requesting the school remove his name and accomplishments from any existing or future mention.

Beard’s request is stemmed from his believe that, “the university’s commitment to young black men” being “far from what it should look like in 2021.”

One reason for Beard’s decision is that he felt Louisville did not do enough to honor fellow former Cardinal legend and African American Wes Unseld when he died in June of 2020.

“Without Wes Unseld or Butch Beard there would never have been a Denny Crum era of basketball,” Beard said in his letter. “These are simply the facts, yet the university refuses to recognize someone like Wes Unseld who’s shoulders every player stands on today.”

Beard also stated the school has been “remiss and negligent in its hiring practices within the athletic department” and have not hired enough African Americans to head coaching positions.

Beard’s decision could lead to a ripple effect for others feeling similarly about their alma mater.