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Devin Askew takes blame for Alabama disaster: “This is not where our story ends”

“I let my team down, and I put this one on me.”

Devin Askew UK Athletics

Last night’s loss to Alabama was a brutal one for the Kentucky Wildcats.

After a blowout win on the road vs. Florida on Saturday, it appeared the Cats may have finally turned a corner, only to completely revert to their old ways on Tuesday night in arguably the team’s worst performance of the season.

Kentucky was blown out by 20 at home, the worst home loss of the John Calipari era, and was thoroughly outplayed by the Crimson Tide and their fast-paced style of basketball.

Freshman guard Devin Askew says this loss is on him.

“I take a lot of this game on me. I put the game on me. I didn’t show up to play today to the best of my ability,” Askew stated. “I let my team down, and I put this one on me. We just got to come to play including myself. My mind set wasn’t that. It just didn’t click for us today, and that’s on me. That’s on me.”

Askew finished with 12 points, but he and Mintz combined had three assists to four turnovers. Turnovers, again, were the big story of the night for Kentucky, as they reached 19, which Alabama converted to 29 points.

“We’re gonna get back into the gym and keep working to get better,” Askew added. “This is not where our story ends. We have a long journey, and this is still part of the beginning so we’re gonna keep moving and keep moving forward after this one.”

Askew is certainly saying the right things. Hopefully he’s able to help this team get back on track Saturday at Auburn, which suddenly feels like a must-win game for the Wildcats.

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