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Alabama coach Nate Oats says Kentucky is “obviously” down this year

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The stinging truth.

NCAA Basketball: Florida at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

After winning three games in a row, on Tuesday, the Kentucky Wildcats looked more like the team from December that lost to absolutely everyone.

The Wildcats took a 20-point home loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide, which was the biggest loss in Rupp Arena since 1988. That is not a good sign for those of us that thought this team had turned a corner. And it hurts even more when opposing coaches point that out.

“Big win for our program, said Oats. “Apparently we haven’t won here since 2006, so really happy for our seniors who have been here. It’s just big, so you know, obviously Kentucky is a little bit down this year, but they’re still Kentucky.”

While I do think his point was to emphasize that “they’re still Kentucky,” the use of the word “obviously” is hard to hear for fans that still have hope that this team can make a run. He certainly isn’t wrong, as Kentucky’s 1-6 start was the worst in almost a century and instead of competing for a one-seed in the NCAA Tournament this team will have an uphill battle to even get into the tournament.

The Wildcats will travel to Auburn on Saturday, who plays a very similar style to Alabama and just added the best player on their team, Sharife Cooper, after he was cleared by the NCAA. Kentucky cannot afford many more losing streaks at this point, so Saturday’s game is an important one in the scope of the SEC season. If they get blown out like they did on Tuesday, I certainly don’t want to hear what Bruce Pearl thinks of this “down” year.