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Mark Stoops is confident that Terry Wilson will be a much improved player this year

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This is Terry Wilson’s team. How far will he take them?

Terry Wilson Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

The college football season is upon us. And while many, included yours truly, doubted we would see the Kentucky Wildcats take the field in 2020, we are less than three weeks away from actual SEC football.

Expectations are high for Kentucky going into this season. The defense returns almost everyone and has added some solid pieces. The entire running back room is back. And we seem to have a healthy Terry Wilson on the roster. But will he be able to be the quarterback the Wildcats need him to be? Mark Stoops seems to think so.

“I expect him to run the offense better than he did prior to the injury,” Stoops said Monday on his call-in radio show. “I don’t think there’s any doubt that he will. You have to stay healthy. I feel like he’s 100 percent back from this injury, as far as healing.

“When you’re out for that amount of time, there’s definitely some rust, but Terry looked very sharp during camp and to begin the season prior to his injury, and he improved from the year before that.”

Terry Wilson was expected to lead last year’s team to compete for an SEC championship before blowing his knee out against Eastern Michigan. Obviously, it ended up being a fun season anyway behind the legendary performance of Lynn Bowden. But there will always be the what-if surrounding Wilson’s injury. With any luck, Kentucky fans will be able to find out how good Wilson really is as he leads this year’s deep, talented roster.

“I’m impressed,” said Stoops of Wilson. “I feel like he looks very comfortable back there. You can still feel his speed and athleticism as he runs it. He’s getting more and more comfortable in the pocket. I’m very confident in Terry, and you can see his confidence growing.”

Playing against an All-SEC schedule will certainly make the road a tough one. But after the last two years, I think it is time we put our doubt aside and have confidence that Mark Stoops has his guys ready to play.

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