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NCAA denies South Alabama player’s immediate eligibility waiver

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The NCAA opts to deny one of the first basketball waivers of the offseason.

NCAA Basketball: Western Michigan at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA has finally denied a basketball transfer’s waiver for immediate eligibility and it comes at the hands of South Alabama’s Michael Flowers, according to Flowers’ Twitter.

Flowers entered his name into the transfer portal back in March, opting to transfer from Western Michigan at the end of the season. However, according to Flowers’ Twitter post, Western Michigan gave away his scholarship before Flowers had actually made his decision about whether he was transferring or not, so Hawkins was then forced to look elsewhere.

Flowers also said that the communication between Western Michigan and other schools was lackluster, as Western Michigan would not cooperate with other schools, causing some to pass on him.

Because of the lack of cooperation between Western Michigan, South Alabama, and the NCAA, Flowers will now have to sit out of what would have been his senior season and will have to wait to play next season.

Now, this seems to be the first instance of the NCAA not approving a basketball waiver, and there also seems to be a lot of layers in this case. With the previous school not cooperating, it can make it extremely difficult, unfortunately, for the player to get eligible.

Luckily in Kentucky’s case with Olivier Sarr, Wake Forest and new head coach Steve Forbes opted to cooperate with Kentucky and the NCAA to help him get eligible for this season. And the same appears to be true with Joey Gatewood and Auburn, even though the Wildcats and Tigers face off in Week 1.