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Bowl projection roundup: Kentucky vs. Louisville in Gator Bowl?

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Other outlets also give their predictions for Bowl season.

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Kentucky v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Leading up to the start of the 2020 college football season, many wondered if we would get the Kentucky vs Louisville matchup. Unfortunately, the SEC decided to do a 10-game conference only season leaving Kentucky fans disappointed that they wouldn’t get a chance to make it three in a row against the Cardinals.

The NCAA Division I Football Oversight Committee decided to recommend removing the Bowl eligibility requirement for this season meaning that everyone was eligible for the postseason.

The Football Bowl Association has also made it clear that the 41 scheduled bowl games will take place this year.

“Absolutely,” Football Bowl Association Executive Director Nick Carparelli said, via Stewart Mandel of The Athletic. “With all the conferences playing, (the NCAA waiver) is not necessarily to ensure enough teams are available, but just to ensure the conferences can fulfill their agreements without having to worry about which teams are .500 or better.”

With bowl season officially going to happen, The Athletic decided to release their early season prediction for bowl game matchups. The Kentucky Wildcats got an interesting prediction to say the least.

The Athletic predicted that Kentucky would face off with the Louisville Cardinals in the Gator Bowl.

Others have also begun to release bowl projections and here are what some other outlets believe will be the matchups.

Jerry Palm of CBS projects Kentucky to face the Baylor Bears in the Texas Bowl on December 27th.

College Football News released their updated projections and they have Kentucky facing the Memphis Tigers in the TicketSmarter Birmingham Bowl.

Neither of those projections are as intriguing as a potential quality bowl like the Gator Bowl matchup with Louisville.

How do you feel about a potential matchup with the Cards in the postseason?