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John Calipari shaves beard after losing bet to Charles Barkley

Cal is a man of his word.

Photo via: @UKCoachCalipari on Twitter

John Calipari’s quarantine beard is no more.

Last week, the head coach of the Wildcats joined TNT’s NBA tip-off show last week and made a friendly wager with friend and former Auburn Tiger Charles Barkley.

Calipari agreed to shave his long quarantine beard if the UK Football team lost to Barkley’s Tigers Saturday while Barkley (clean-shaven) had to grow out a beard if Kentucky won.

With UK’s 29-13 loss, Calipari tweeted out multiple pictures of the beard shaved off.

As Calipari said, it appears the beard could soon make a return as bringing it back was not part of the bet.

Calipari originally joined TNT’s NBA coverage to discuss the incredible play of several of his former players in the NBA Bubble.

Regardless of which remaining team wins the NBA finals, a Cal product will win an NBA Championship this season as Anthony Davis and the Los Angeles Lakers have clinched their spot in the finals, Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo are one win away from winning the Eastern Conference with the Miami Heat and Enes Kanter is looking to help the Boston Celtics over come a 3-2 deficit to Miami.