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Sunday Quickies: On to Ole Miss Edition

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The Cats look to get back in the win column next week

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

After falling short against Auburn yesterday, the Kentucky Wildcats will need to put Week 1 in the rearview mirror and begin looking ahead to the home opener next Saturday, when the Ole Miss Rebels come into town.

Ole Miss, like Kentucky, is looking to bounce back from a loss in the opening week as the Rebels were the victim of a dominant offensive showing by the Florida Gators, in which QB Kyle Trask threw for 400+ yards and 6 touchdowns, four of which went to TE Kyle Pitts who racked up 170 receiving yards.

The Rebels lost the game 51-35, but showed some promise and potential under new head coach Lane Kiffin, who will be eager to try to get his first win leading the Ole Miss program next week.

The Wildcats have a lot to work on and some positives to build off of following their showing at Auburn, specifically limiting turnovers and finishing drives. If the Wildcats can do that, they have the ability to pick up their first win of the season and get back on track heading into the rest of the season.

Tweet of the Day

I won’t get over it.


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There were a few more, but these were probably the biggest three.

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I won’t get over them not calling that Rodriguez touchdown.

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The turnovers are concerning but rust should’ve been expected.

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A definite area of improvement moving forward.

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That matchup against the Bulldogs will not be easy.

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A good financial decision for the young QB.