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Cats by 90: Instant reaction to Kentucky’s loss to No. 8 Auburn

The boys break down a frustrating Kentucky Football loss.

Cats by 90

The 45th edition of A Sea of Blue’s Cats By 90 podcast with Drew Brown and Aaron Gershon is now live and the boys are breaking down a rough start to the Kentucky Wildcats 2020 season.

Saturday, the Wildcats fell in their season opener to the No. 8 Auburn Tigers by a final score of 29-13 despite out rushing and passing Auburn, picking up more first downs and holding possession 13 minutes longer.

Among the topics discussed from Saturday’s game include:

  • Takeaways from Terry Wilson’s return
  • Kelvin Joseph’s horrendous UK debut on and off the field
  • What was Max Duffy thinking?
  • Secondary woes
  • Why Eddie Gran went away from the run
  • Chris Rodriguez’s “touchdown”
  • Concerns about Ole Miss’s offense heading into Week 2

You won’t want to miss this special episode! Be sure to check out the link below to subscribe on I Tunes, Spotify, or your favorite Podcast Player.

Stay tuned for the 46th edition of Cats By 90, which will be an instant recap of Kentucky’s Week 2 matchup with the Ole Miss Rebels on Oct. 3