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Box score and MVP from Kentucky falling to Auburn

A tough pill to swallow.

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The Kentucky Wildcats fell to the Auburn Tigers in the opening game of their 2020 season on Saturday afternoon by a score of 28-13.

The Cats got off to a fast start with a touchdown to take an early 7-0 lead. Auburn responded right back with a touchdown of their own, but the game slowed down from there.

Going into the half, Kentucky got hit with a horrific call when Chris Rodriguez hit the end zone to take a 14-8 lead, but the SEC officials called it back. Two plays later, Kentucky inexplicably threw the ball on the one-yard line, Seahawks style, and it was ran back 100 yards for a touchdown.

A targeting penalty saved the Cats and the halftime score was 8-7.

After the horrible first half officiating, Auburn led a touchdown drive to start the second half. The good news—-Kentucky responded with a touchdown of their own and after a failed two-point conversion, the score was 15-13.

However, Kentucky fell apart in the second half. The heralded secondary was bad, and the linebacker corps was just as bad.

But I’ll tell you what the worst part of the game—the play calling. It was highly suspect, but this is Game 1. Hopefully, the kinks get worked out in time for next week’s matchup with Ole Miss.

Box Score


I’m sure I’ll hear it from the fans in eastern Kentucky, but Terry Wilson is the MVP.

He didn’t play great. He didn’t play perfect. But Terry Wilson is QB1 and there’s no question.

He played the best in a lackluster performance. And the blame is on the coaches, not the players.

Thank you, Terry, for leaving it on the field.