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Update on SEC basketball schedule

The SEC schedule will begin at the end of December.

A Sea of Blue

The SEC has established Dec. 29th and 30th as the new start dates for its 2020-21 men’s basketball conference schedule, while the women’s basketball start date will remain Dec. 31st, SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey announced Friday.

The 2020-21 SEC men’s basketball conference schedule will include 20 play dates that would accommodate an 18-game schedule with two open dates. Ten SEC schools will fill one of those open dates with the SEC/Big 12 Challenge in late January. The four teams not participating in the SEC/Big 12 Challenge will play league games that day.

There was some discussion that the league could move to a 20-game schedule, but it looks like they’ll stick to 18.

The 2020-21 SEC women’s basketball conference schedule remains at 18 play dates that will fit a 16-game league schedule.

Earlier this month, the NCAA Division I Council approved a Nov. 25th start date for the 2020-21 men’s and women’s college basketball seasons, when the SEC will begin non-conference play. Teams can begin preseason practice on Wednesday, Oct. 14th and will have a 42-day window to conduct no more than 30 practices.

Still no word on when the Kentucky Wildcats’ finalized schedule will come out, but it should be soon now that we know most of the non-conference opponents and when SEC play begins.