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At least 1 SEC coach wants Olivier Sarr to not get waiver: Was it Bruce Pearl?

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Pearl made some comments that suggest he’s against Sarr transferring to UK.

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The Kentucky Wildcats are waiting to get a final word on the eligibility of Olivier Sarr who transferred to Kentucky from Wake Forest.

On Tuesday, Dick Vitale reported on Twitter that Sarr was granted immediate eligibility by the NCAA roughly two months ago but the holdup is a rule by the SEC saying he has to sit out. So, UK is now waiting to hear from the SEC on if he can play.

That report has since been confirmed, but Kyle Tucker of The Athletic reported on Wednesday that at least one SEC coach has been pushing the SEC to NOT grant Sarr the waiver.

Oddly enough, Auburn Tigers’ head coach Bruce Pearl went on The Drive with Josh Graham back in May and wasn’t asked about the Sarr situation, but he gave his thoughts anyway when he heard Graham talking about it before he came on, and it’s clear he’s unhappy about Sarr leaving Wake Forest for Kentucky.

The start of the 2020 college basketball season is still two months away, so the SEC has plenty of time to make a ruling but hopefully they don’t take that much time and ultimately grant Sarr his waiver, despite what this unnamed SEC coach wants.