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Wednesday Quickies: Olivier Sarr Mystery Edition

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The status of Kentucky’s big man remains up in the air

Olivier Sarr

Olivier Sarr committed to Kentucky in early May, and since then, the Big Blue Nation has wondered if/when the NCAA would provide a waiver for him to have immediate eligibility.

That has been an ongoing mystery for months, and that mystery deepened yesterday evening when Dick Vitale sent a tweet saying that Sarr was ruled eligible by the NCAA two months ago.

I think there are some questions about whether this is actually the case. It’s surprising that if the NCAA had ruled Sarr eligible that long ago that the news hadn’t leaked out before yesterday. Along with that, one would think the SEC wouldn’t sit on such a decision for two months.

However, this can’t be totally ruled out. By SEC transfer rules, Sarr wouldn’t be eligible but this rule sounds outdated and with the tide turning on transfer restrictions moving forward, the SEC may be more willing to allow waivers. The SEC could, however, plan on denying Sarr.

Hopefully a resolution to Sarr’s eligibility questions will arrive soon, and hopefully that resolution is that Sarr will be eligible to play for Kentucky in the 2020-2021 season. The months of anticipation about whether Sarr will be eligible to play has gone on long enough.

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