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Charles Barkley says Auburn will “kill Kentucky”

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Barkley isn’t concerned about Kentucky football.

The Match: Champions For Charity Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images for The Match

The Kentucky Wildcats kick off their 2020 football season on Saturday against the Auburn Tigers.

Ahead of that matchup, Charles Barkley isn’t worried about the Cats. Barkley made an appearance on the Monday Night MegaCast with ESPN’s Rece Davis, Kirk Herbstreit and Peyton Manning during the Saints and Raiders matchup. During that appearance, Barkley was asked about Saturdays game.

“Oh listen, things are never that bad. We’re going to kill Kentucky. I’m worried about Georgia the next week. Come on man. This is not basketball. We’re not going to worry about Kentucky in football. Stop it.”

During the Mark Stoops era, Stoops has been big on bulletin-board material to give the team extra motivation. Manning then responded to Barkley and told him Stoops may use this as motivation.

“I hope Stoops is watching this interview, getting the troops fired up for this game,” Manning said.”

Despite Kentucky being a double-digit underdog and some people like Barkley counting the Cats out, I believe Saturday is going to be a close game and could come down to the final minutes.

The Cats and Tigers kick off Saturday from Jordan-Hare Stadium at 12 PM and will be on the SEC Network.