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Louisville responds to NCAA allegations; Also says Kroger can theoretically cheat for Kentucky

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Are they offering $100,000 in Kroger fuel points?

Kentucky v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The University of Louisville has released its official response to the notice of allegations from the NCAA, and they did so by releasing a 75-page response on its role in the 2017 pay-for-play scandal.

Here is the official statement released by UofL:

“Last week, the University of Louisville submitted its formal Response to the Notice of Allegations issued by the NCAA to the institution on May 4, 2020. As indicated it might in its previous message on this matter, the University’s Response challenges most of the allegations—which date back to 2016—that it believes are not supported by the facts or by NCAA bylaws. Over the past three years, the University of Louisville initiated multiple and extensive corrective measures in response to the federal indictment which served as the genesis of the NCAA’s case, beyond those of any other university. UofL has unilaterally undertaken several significant actions to ensure all who are involved in Cardinal Athletics fully support a culture of compliance. The University looks forward to the resolution of this matter.”

The 75-page response includes many shocking items, such as the program going to bat for former head coach Rick Pitino, stating that Pitino did not fail to promote an atmosphere of compliance.

After the falling out that Pitino and UofL had, I did not see that coming.

However, nothing could be more shocking than Louisville stating that Kroger, yes Kroger, could be held responsible for all NCAA bylaws, along with its employees, because the University of Kentucky and Kroger have a sponsorship together.

Louisville just said that Kroger could theoretically help Kentucky cheat.

Kroger. A supermarket chain.

I will just leave it at this.