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Hunter Sallis’ high school coach praises his work ethic, talks recruitment

The pressure of Kentucky doesn’t sound like it would be too much for the five-star guard.

Millard South Media

In order to succeed at a Blue Blood program like Kentucky, willingness to work hard is required. Five-star guard Hunter Sallis’ high school coach at Millard North High School in Omaha, Nebraska, believes he has the work ethic needed to thrive in Lexington.

In an interview with Larry Vaught of Vaught’s Views, Sallis’ high school coach Tim Cannon praised the five-star guards’ work ethic.

“He goes to a trainer to work on his shot and moves and that type of thing,” Cannon said. “He is still doing that now. During the season, he will do it on Sunday and maybe one night per week. But he’s always working on his moves and shot along with shooting here with us all he can.”

Cannon also discussed Sallis’ ongoing recruitment and where Kentucky stands in the running for the top player from the Cornhusker State.

“He is very, very interested (in Kentucky),” Cannon said. “North Carolina had been the most recent of the big boys to offer before Kentucky did. He’s had offers from Kansas, Oregon and Gonzaga for a long time. Kentucky offered and that changed the whole ballpark.”

The belief is Kentucky is in a good spot with Sallis, while North Carolina now looks like the favorite for Skyy Clark, who’s still expected to reclassify into 2021. Both are trending toward making a decision in time for the fall signing period.

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