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NCAA source weighs in on why Olivier Sarr decision may be taking so long

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Dick Vitale also called out the NCAA again for dragging their feet on a decision.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 06 Wake Forest at NC State Photo by Jaylynn Nash/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’re now late into September, and still no ruling has been made on if Olivier Sarr can play this coming season.

The senior center is still waiting to hear if the NCAA will let him play this season following his transfer from Wake Forest. UK reportedly filed for his transfer waiver back in May, yet four months later, there’s been no ruling, despite many other transfers around the nation being ruled eligible.

So...what gives?

Well, Adam Zagoria asked that very question to an NCAA source, who said that there may have been some paperwork not filed in a timely manner.

Perhaps UK or even Wake Forest were slow on filing the necessary paperwork to get a ruling issued sooner. Maybe the coronavirus pandemic has made acquiring and filing the right paperwork more challenging than usual.

And at least in year’s past, the NCAA has taken a long time to issue rulings on transfer waivers, so perhaps all of this together is why it’s taking so long to make a decision on Sarr.

The only person that’s been louder about ‘Free Sarr’ than UK fans has been ESPN commentator Dick Vitale, who once again is calling out the NCAA for not making a decision yet on Sarr.

“Why does it take so long? I mean, what are we talking about? We doing research here to find a cure for cancer? I mean, c’mon!”

Well said.

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