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Cats by 90: 2020 Kentucky Football Preview featuring Van Hiles, sound bites and more

A special edition of the Cats by 90 Podcast.

Cats by 90

The 44th edition of A Sea of Blue’s Cats By 90 podcast is now live and you won’t want to miss it.

This week, co-host Aaron Gershon hosted a special edition of the podcast as the entire show was spent previewing the 2020 Kentucky Wildcats Football season that starts next Saturday.

The jam-packed preview show includes:

  • An interview with former UK Football defensive back Van Hiles
  • Hiles final record prediction, SEC Championship game matchup
  • Sound bites from Brad White, Cedrick Dort and Jordan Wright from recent press conferences
  • An in-depth roster breakdown
  • Gershon’s in-depth game-by-game previews and predictions

You won’t want to miss this special episode! Be sure to check out the link below to subscribe on I Tunes, Spotify, or your favorite Podcast Player.

Stay tuned for the 45th edition of Cats By 90, which will be an instant recap of Kentucky’s Week 1 matchup with the Auburn Tigers on Sept. 26.