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Holiday Hoopsgiving is a go with Kentucky vs. Georgia Tech

Confirmed basketball games!

College football is two weeks in, the SEC is on deck, and high school football is rolling on. Those in charge have faith that basketball will happen as well, at least in some form.

Will there be only league games? Will there be bubbles? We are not sure. But there are a few special events that seem to be confirmed.

For Kentucky, the first confirmed special event is Holiday Hoopsgiving in November and December.

Kentucky was scheduled to play Georgia Tech for the second year in a row at the special event, and as of right now that showdown has been confirmed by those in charge. The event will take place in Atlanta, Georgia with games happening in both November and December. Kentucky will play Georgia Tech on November 27th.

Kentucky beat Georgia Tech last season behind 21 points from Ashton Hagans, 16 from Immanuel Quickley, and 12 from Nick Richards. If you know anything about Kentucky basketball, you know that none of those guys are on the roster anymore.

However, there is a wealth of talent coming in to play in Lexington. The Yellow Jackets will obviously have more experience, and this will be a great early season test for the Wildcats.

With this event being confirmed, it should give us even more confidence that events like the Champions Classic will actually take place. These group events may be a model that many out of conference games take, as opposed to one off games here and there.

Regardless, the fact that college basketball officials are planning on playing should be music to the ears of all basketball fans. Now, if the NCAA would go ahead and make an announcement about the eligibility of Olivier Sarr.