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There will be no Big Blue Madness campout this year

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It’s unclear if there will even be a Big Blue Madness.

Big blue Madness USA Today

The coronavirus has drastically altered the sports landscape, including University of Kentucky athletics.

One of the biggest fan events of the year has become the latest UK-related event to be cancelled, as there will be no Big Blue Madness campout this year, according to Jon Hale of the Courier Journal.

In addition, a UK spokesman says the school is still evaluating whether or not it can have a Big Blue Madness this year.

“Like our game schedule, we are evaluating what we can do with our preseason schedule, including Big Blue Madness, under current COVID-19 restrictions,” UK spokesman Eric Lindsey said in a statement to the Courier Journal. “We are hopeful to keep in place as many of our traditions our fans and our program take pride in, but we also understand that this is not a normal season and that we may be restricted in some areas.

The annual campout has become a very popular event amongst the Big Blue Nation, as fans gather around Memorial Coliseum to camp out for several days as they try to get tickets the first major Kentucky basketball event of the new season.

Fans are often greeted by current and former players and coaches, while giveaways and other events also take place during the campout. It’s sad UK fans won’t get to enjoy it this year, but the coronavirus has made it too risky to have.

Now, the question is will there even be a Big Blue Madness, and how can it happen safely if UK opts to have it.