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Louisville responds to NCAA allegations; could they get a postseason ban?

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Louisville reportedly thinks a postseason ban is the worst that could happen.

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NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The University of Louisville has responded to the NCAA’s notice of allegations, according to Tim Sullivan of the Courier Journal.

Louisville received one level I violation back in May, as well as three level II violations.

Here is what UofL had to say in their release:

  • A Level I allegation that an improper recruiting offer, and subsequent extra benefits to the family of an enrolled student athlete; and a recruiting inducement to a prospective student-athlete’s non-scholastic coach/trainer, were provided by certain individuals, purportedly identified and defined by the NCAA as “representatives of the university’s athletics interests,” none of whom had traditional connections to the University beyond their affiliation with Adidas or professional athlete management entities, as well as by a former assistant coach and a former associate head coach;
  • A Level II allegation of recruiting violations by the same two former men’s basketball coaching staff members in providing impermissible transportation and having impermissible contact in the context of recruitment-related activities;
  • A Level II allegation that the institution failed to adequately monitor the recruitment of an incoming, high-profile student-athlete;
  • A Level II allegation that the former head men’s basketball coach did not satisfy his head coach responsibility when he failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance;

In addition to Louisville’s response to the allegations, recent Louisville Cardinals commit Mike James said that Coach Chris Mack told him that Louisville thinks a one-year postseason ban is the worst they could get.

The official UofL response is reportedly coming next week, according to the Courier Journal, in which the NCAA will have 60 days to respond, putting the timetable around Nov. 15.

Things are not looking bright in the Ville.