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SEC announces policy for canceled and rescheduled games

The league also revealed what it will take for a game to be declared a no contest.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 30 Clemson at South Carolina Photo by Dannie Walls/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If any of the Kentucky Wildcats’ football games get delayed due to COVID-19, we know now how the SEC will handle it.

On Friday, the league has announced its policy for football game cancellations, rescheduling games, and no-contest declarations related to the virus.

The SEC has established minimum thresholds of at least 53 scholarship players available to participate for games to take place. In addition, the following minimum number of position scholarship players must be available to begin a game: seven offensive linemen, including one center, one quarterback, and four defensive linemen.

The impacted school will have the option to play the game with fewer than the 53 scholarship players or fewer than the minimum number of position players listed above if it elects to do so. Otherwise, upon approval by the SEC Commissioner, the game would be rescheduled or declared a no contest.

In addition, should an institution determine there are compelling reasons why it cannot begin a contest regardless of the scholarship and position minimums above, the institution may request to have the game rescheduled or, if the game cannot be rescheduled, for the game to be considered a no contest by presenting data (including total number of players not available to participate) outlining reasons why the game should not be played as scheduled. The final decision to reschedule or declare the game a no contest is vested only with the SEC Commissioner.

Hopefully, we don’t have to see any of these policies used this fall in the SEC. But seeing how many college football games are getting postponed and even cancelled, it’s probably going to happen within the league at some point.