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Mark Stoops’ thoughts on Kentucky winning SEC: “Why Not?”

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The Cats are prepped for a big season.

Stoops Belk Bowl Trophy Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

Football in the bluegrass is almost here!

It’s been a long journey folks, but we can see the turf right around the corner.

Mark Stoops and company has brought this program a long way over the past seven years. Leading the Kentucky Wildcats to four straight bowl games, two straight bowl wins, a 10-win season, and a variety of draft picks.

This season, however, will be an interesting challenge not only for Stoops and the Wildcats, but for every team in college football.

SEC teams will all play 10 games, all in-conference. This is the first time we’re seeing a season like this. Most analysts are picking the usual candidates to win the conference title, Alabama, Georgia and Florida of course.

Stoops has other plans. In an interview on the SEC channel on Sirus XM radio, Mark Stoops addressed whether or not the Cats can win the SEC this season, reported by 247.

“Why not,” Stoops asked. “We understand it’s a great challenge. We take the approach that we need to handle our business each and every day. We want to play with an attitude and a chip on our shoulder, however it’s about executing and doing the right things. I’ve taken the approach, since I’ve walked in the doors here to try and do the right thing and to work our tails off everyday. I said that in the first press conference I was in. we’re going to attack everyday...but I can only control that. I feel we’ve done the right things and put the pieces in place to be successful for the time I’ve been here.

The culture Stoops, Grant, and Marrow have built at Kentucky can compete with any SEC school.

“Now I think there’s a lot of schools in this league that have been doing things right for 50, 100 years and we’re also trying to get there. I can promise you that we’re putting the pieces in place and we’re working and we’re taking that mentality since I’ve walked in the door here.”

Saturday Down South recently ranked the top 25 coaches in college football and placed Stoops at No. 15, ahead of notables such as Tom Herman (Texas) and Jim Harbaugh (Michigan).

Stoops and the Cats have gone 32-18 over their last 50 games, and 18-8 over their last 2 seasons. Times have changed in the bluegrass, and the Cats believe they’ll be right in the thick of things at the end of the year for the SEC Title.

Kentucky opens the season NEXT Saturday (September 26) at No. 11 Auburn!