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Champions Classic likely to take place in early December, per report

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The college basketball season will begin in late November, and the Champions Classic could take place just one week later.

State Farm Champions Classic Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The 2020-2021 college basketball season is set to commence in late November, but it’s still unclear when the Kentucky Wildcats season will start.

In recent years, the Cats have began their season in the annual Champions Classic, which was scheduled for November 10 this year. The NCAA recently announced November 25 will be the start date for college basketball, barring any setbacks.

Part of the Champions Classic yet again, the Wildcats may not play in it until early December, as the Classic is tentatively scheduled for “sometime between December 1-5,” according to’s Andy Katz.

With one of the most anticipated incoming freshman classes, the Wildcats will help kick the season off with a bang. Big-time five-star prospects like BJ Boston and Terrence Clarke will compete for the first time. Devin Askew will also be making his debut for Kentucky as the potential starting point guard.

That said, last year, the Wildcats started the season with a victory over the top-ranked Michigan State Spartans, a game in which Tyrese Maxey’s game-clinching three helped seal the game and immediately put the elite prospect on the radar for scouts.

While we know who will be there, we don’t know who Kentucky will take on first quite yet. Ideally, they’ll get a game or two in against lower-level teams before playing in the Classic, where they are originally slated to play the Kansas Jayhawks this year.

Expect the next few months to be filled with major news regarding Kentucky’s upcoming men’s college basketball schedule.