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Good news on Joey Gatewood’s eligibility waiver request

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Plus, a “Gentlemen’s Agreement” between UK and Auburn?

Moore Edits/Joey Gatewood on Twitter

The Kentucky Wildcats will be kicking off their season against the Auburn Tigers in just 12 days, but they are still waiting to hear if transfer QB Joey Gatewood will be eligible for the season.

However, Travis Graf of Rivals is reporting that Gatewood has likely been cleared for immediate eligibility, but he is still waiting on SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey to clear him as well.

Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio confirmed the report Monday morning.

“I can confirm that report,” Jones said. “That’s what I was hinting at last week. That has been true for a while, that the NCAA [has cleared him] but they’re waiting on the SEC.”

Another interesting piece of this entire situation is the fact that Graf also reported that a “Gentlemen’s agreement” has been put in place between Auburn and Kentucky.

The agreement is that Gatewood will NOT being playing in the game against Auburn on September 26th to show thanks to Auburn for their cooperation and help with the immediate eligibility waiver request.

We will all know in 12 days if Kentucky keeps their potential “gentlemen’s agreement” because it is only one of the ten games this season. However, I would imagine that this is the one Gatewood would want to play in the most since he transferred from Auburn.

Regardless, it looks like we are still waiting on the SEC to grant the eligibility waiver to Gatewood as we are less that two weeks away from kickoff.