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Recruiting analysts make predictions on Skyy Clark

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Clark to UK is no longer a slam dunk, but some still believe it happens.


It continues to appear that the Kentucky Wildcats’ chances at landing 2022 five-star guard Skyy Clark are anything but a slam dunk.

UK has long been considered the favorite, but Roy Williams and the North Carolina Tar Heels have picked up steam of late in the Clark sweepstakes, leading to Rivals’ Corey Evans to change his future cast from UK to UNC.

Clark recently released his final four that includes both Kentucky and North Carolina, with the Memphis Tigers and UCLA Bruins also making the cut.

In a recent Rivals’ roundtable, Evans and fellow recruiting analysts Eric Bossi and Dan McDonald gave their latest takes on where they believe Clark will land.

Bossi believes that all of Clark’s final four have a chance but still believes Kentucky and North Carolina are the favorites.

“As of today I’m going to stick with Kentucky,” Bossi said Should he end up going to 2021, then I like the Heels chances.”

Evans continues to believe UNC will land the five-star guard saying, “While practically everyone else in America sees Clark as a done deal for Kentucky, I have backed off such a prediction for a week now and feel as if the five-star is headed to North Carolina.”

Finally, McDonald still sees Clark choosing John Calipari and the Wildcats but “wouldn’t be completely shocked” if North Carolina is the pick.

Ironically, both Kentucky and North Carolina are also competing for 2021 point guard Hunter Sallis. If Clark reclasses to 2021, you can’t blame him for not wanting to go where Sallis lands, as that could make for a difficult situation for both as they want to be the starting floor general.

You can’t go wrong with either, as Clark and Sallis both have the potential to be stars as freshmen who lead their respective programs to deep postseason runs. Hopefully, Kentucky finds a way to get one of them next year.

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