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Rupp family launches website defending Adolph Rupp

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They also released an official statement.

Adolph Rupp Watching Basketball Game

The name of Rupp Arena has been a big topic in recent history, as members of the University of Kentucky faculty have requested that Rupp Arena be renamed.

Since the request, there have been supporters of the movement and people that are defending Adolph Rupp’s name.

In response to all of the criticism around Rupp’s name, the Rupp family has launched a website to defend Rupp’s name.

This website,, has links to testimonies from former players, coaches, as well as media members that knew Rupp, and other stories.

Aside from the links to various stories and testimonies, the Rupp family also posted an official statement about the situation.

“Coach Adolph Rupp was not a racist nor a segregationist. He was a basketball coach dedicated to his players and fostering a winning tradition. Those who falsely accuse the coach did not know him, work with him, or play for him. Those who did uniformly agree that Coach Rupp was a driven, competitive, strong personality who was intensely dedicated to building University of Kentucky basketball into the winningest college program of its time. He treated people fairly and without regard to their color, creed or religion.”

Current Kentucky Wildcats coach John Calipari has said that he is willing to listen on the calls for changing the name.

You can check out the website launched by the Rupp family by going to