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NCAA allowing non-staff members to coach and instruct

Jai Lucas and John Robic now get to help coach in practice.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: NOV 05 Northern Colorado at Texas Photo by John Rivera/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NCAA has made the decision to allow non-coaching staff members to provide on-court instruction and coaching during practices. This involves helping with drills of any kind or simply helping to rebound for shooters.

This is good news for Jai Lucas who was hired by John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats in an off-court role. Now, he gets to work with players and provide instruction. It’s almost as if Calipari knew this was going to happen and brought Lucas in. Along with Jai Lucas, John Robic is now able to provide on-court instruction as well.

The rule states that because of coronavirus, many student managers might not be able to do their duties or be around the team, so the NCAA provided a blanket waiver that allows off-court coaches to fill the role of managers.

Some folks around the nation wondered why Lucas would jump from an assistant coach role at Texas to an off-court role at Kentucky, but it appears that we now have our answer. Lucas will get to help provide instruction and potentially prepare for an assistants role at UK in the future.