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The Big Ten football season could start in October, per report

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The Big Ten looks to be trending toward playing football this season.

Michigan v Maryland Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Big Ten has done some flip-flopping since they first canceled their football season due to coronavirus a handful of weeks ago, mainly due to backlash from fans across the country.

While the Big Ten and Pac-12 axed their seasons, the SEC, Big 12, and ACC are going strong and do plan to play their seasons.

However, today, it seems the Big Ten is actually looking to play their season, according to Dan Patrick. Patrick says that if the conference can pass updated safety measures and procedures, the Big Ten is targeting an October 10th start date to their season.

This also comes after President Trump tweeted that he had a “very productive conversation” with Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren.

So, it would appear that’s now a chance that the Big Ten will be playing, with the passing of safety measures and protocols, and possibly start their season about two weeks later than the SEC, Big 12, and ACC. That would leave the Pac-12 as the lone power five conference not playing their season.

If the Big Ten does start its season in October, will they be able to get a full season in and be eligible for the College Football Playoff? And could there still be bowl matchups between the Big Ten and other leagues?

Hopefully so. It would be nice to have everyone playing this fall, but only if it can be safely done.