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Bruiser Flint praises Terrence Clarke: “As good as you’re going to get”

High praise from UK’s newest assistant.

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One of the newest member of the Kentucky Wildcats coaching staff offered high praise for one of his players during his first press conference with the Lexington media.

Newly hired assistant Bruiser Flint raved when discussing guard and former consensus top 10 high school recruit Terrance Clarke during his first press conference last week.

“A big guard who can do a little bit everything. Unbelievable versatility,” Flint said of Clarke. “Shoots it. Puts it on the floor and can almost play the point. I mean, that’s one of the reasons he was ranked as high as he was.

“I’m sort of old school, though. I’m a guy that believes that it’s a little different level, so you’ve got to prove it.,” Flint said. “But in terms of his talent, I think his talent is as good as you’re going to get.”

Flint said that while with the Indiana Hoosiers, he attempted to recruit Clarke as well as fellow Wildcats Lance Ware, Isaiah Jackson and Keion Brooks.

Though Brandon Boston was the Wildcats’ highest-ranked recruit, it was Clarke who was more heavily highly-touted leading into his commitment. He was even strongly pursued by the NBA G-League, but the Wildcats were able to hold off all competition and keep Clarke for what will likely be one season of college ball.

Make no mistake about it. The 2020-21 Wildcats’ ceiling is largely based on how well Clarke plays. If he becomes the star just about everyone expects him to become, Kentucky will absolutely be in the national title conversation.

And given Kentucky’s history with guards under John Calipari, the odds definitely favor Clarke becoming a star before his time in Lexington comes to an end.

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