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ESPN FPI projects Kentucky Football’s win total

Too high? Too low?

Chris Rodriguez, Josh Ali Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

If all goes as planned, we are less than a month from watching actual college football (translation - SEC football). The Kentucky Wildcats will travel down to Auburn on September 26th and start a 10 game slate made completely of SEC opponents. How many of those games will they win?

The ESPN Football Power Index (FPI) released their power rankings and projections this week, and based on their ratings system Kentucky is predicted to win 4.5 games this season. Coming off of back-to-back seasons of eight or more wins, that looks like a very disappointing number. But considering the schedule, is that an appropriate line?

SEC FPI Win Predictions

Kentucky will be playing everyone in the SEC East in addition to Alabama, Ole Miss, Auburn, and Mississippi State. Regardless of the low number of projected wins, that puts Kentucky as the No. 3 team in the SEC East and No. 7 in the conference overall. That is very respectable considering the strength of the conference.

What do you think? Will Kentucky’s record be better than .500 when it is all said and done? Or will they win only half as many games as a season ago?