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Power 5 source says “college football season is done”


Arizona State v Utah Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

It’s starting to feel like a matter of when, not if the 2020 college football season is postponed or outright canceled.

According to Stadium reporter Brett McMurphy, a Power 5 source has told him that the upcoming season is effectively “done.”

This comes after another report that all fall sports could be postponed within the week.

With the coronavirus rampaging through America, it just isn’t feasible to have a college football season right now. There’s just too many people on campuses right now to have a safe environment for football.

Unless the NCAA and member schools are willing to let players do only online classes and avoid other students altogether, there’s just too much risk involved.

The NFL doesn’t have the campus problem, which is why I still think we’ll see an NFL season this fall. But I just can’t see a college season working as things stand right now.

Maybe a spring season is still an option, but are things going to get any better by then?

Whatever happens, it’s clear we all need to come to terms with the fact that there may not be college football this fall.