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Saturday Quickies: Football Record Expectations Edition

What kind of record do you expect from the Kentucky Wildcats with the new schedule?

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NCAA Football: Louisville at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning to all of the BBN reading audience.

Yesterday we finally were given the SEC conference only football schedule and, boy, it’s a doozy. The Kentucky Wildcats will have their work cut out for them with this:

Of course the Cats will also have to play Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Missouri, and Vanderbilt.

So what kind of record are you expecting with the ‘Cats? Some have said that 5-5 would be a good season but I disagree. 5-5 means the only teams that UK will beat are the ones they are supposed to beat. Considering the confidence surrounding the talent and depth of this team, 5-5 wouldn’t be good enough.

For me, 6-4 would be a fine season. But for Kentucky football to take it to the next level, 7-3 should be the target. I lean more towards 6-4 for the moment, but if Joey Gatewood is ever made eligible, then I’ll go with 7-3. Gatewood gives the Cats more clarity at the quarterback position as well as options.

And look: I get it. That schedule is tough. But for YEARS we have been saying “this isn’t the same old Kentucky”. Coach Stoops has been saying “this isn’t the same old Kentucky”. The players have been saying “this isn’t the same old Kentucky”. 5-5 or worse would be the same old Kentucky.

Don’t let your previous conceptions of Kentucky football cloud your optimism. It’s OK to want more from your football team. Don’t let other fans drag down your high expectations with excuse making about this schedule.

Tweets of the Day

Hey! The Cats are no pushover!

Would hate to lose Kenny Payne but I would completely understand the move to the NBA. If it happens then #BringBackCoachO.

Bring it on!


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