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Dual-sport athlete Michael Trigg cuts Kentucky from list

The talented duel-sport athlete will not be in Lexington next year.

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Michael Trigg, a duel-sport athlete, has cut the Kentucky Wildcats from his list, after he announced a top three of the USC Trojans, South Carolina Gamecocks and LSU Tigers.

Trigg initially had a list of 10, which included the Wildcats, along with current finalists USC, South Carolina, LSU, and Auburn, UNC, Michigan State, Illinois, Ohio State, and Penn State

It’s not a big loss in terms of basketball, but Trigg cutting Kentucky on the football side hurts, as he was rated as the fourth-best tight end prospect in America, and the 127th-overall prospect.

On the basketball side, Trigg would have been a walk-on for John Calipari.

Kentucky was one of the few to offer Trigg the chance to play both sports, along with two of his finalists in USC and LSU, and now it looks like South Carolina has offered him that chance as well.

Trigg had drawn the comparison of current NFL tight end Gerald Everett, and he is currently projected to be anywhere from a fourth to seventh round pick in a future NFL Draft.

But, Trigg will not unfortunately not be taking his talents to Lexington and the dream of a duel-sport athlete in Lexington will have to wait another day.