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Power conferences in college basketball discussing a “bubble” setting for games

We have seen the NBA and NHL have a ton of success with this.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-South Regional Practice Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Questions continue to circle about the state of the 2020 college football season with some players opting out of playing, as well as some non-power five schools electing to not have a season at all.

But what are the plans for college basketball?

There are several options still on the table when it comes to college basketball, but Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports reported on Thursday that several power conferences have had discussions about holding games in a “bubble” setting.

This option would be very possible since student athletes can take their classes online which would allow them to stay in the “bubble”.

So far, we have seen the NBA have a tremendous amount of success in their “bubble” in Orlando with preventing players from getting the coronavirus. In fact, their last two testing sessions resulted in zero positive tests.

The NHL is also doing a “bubble” type setting, and it has also worked very well allowing the games to continue without the spread of the virus.

Its still way too early to know what the decision will be for college basketball but it appears that several plausible options are on the table and playing the season in a “bubble” type setting is one that seems to be gaining traction.