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For now, John Schlarman plans to coach this fall

The UK offensive line coach will have an important decision to make.

Schlarman Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Kentucky Wildcats offensive line coach John Schlarman has overcome a lot recently due to his ongoing battle with cancer.

Because he had such a debilitating condition, Schlarman is someone who’s probably more at risk to being severely affected by the coronavirus if he contracts it. That’s why no one should fault him if he opts to sit out the upcoming season.

But for now, if there is a season, Schlarman is planning to coach during it for the Wildcats.

Recently, Schlarman told ESPN he still plans to coach on the UK sidelines this fall despite the coronavirus pandemic and his battle with cancer.

“If I didn’t have cancer, would I have been as conscientious of that (safety)? Who knows, but probably not,” Schlarman said. “It puts me at a heightened level of awareness.”

“I’m certainly hoping that’s not a bridge I have to cross,”

Schlarman, who played on the UK offensive line from 1994-97 and has been the offensive line coach since 2013, has been battling cholangiocarcinoma, a rare cancer of the bile ducts since the summer of 2018.

He has yet to miss a game and has coached two of the best Wildcat offensive lines in program history, and they project to be one of the nation’s best o-lines this season.

Despite his cancer putting him at high risk for potentially COVID-19, he plans to push through the 2020 season and be ready for the season opener on September 26th.