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EKU kicker leaves team over lack of coronavirus protocol by program

Not a good look for the Colonels football program.

EKU Sports

If you’re feeling optimistic about college football this fall, the news out of Richmond might be one of the reasons why we don’t have it.

Eastern Kentucky kicker Landon White announced he was leaving the team over coronavirus concerns, and it doesn’t stop just there. White released a full statement blasting the state of the program when it comes to COVID-19 protocol.

Here is just a bit of what White had to say:

At Eastern Kentucky Football there is little or no testing, (last team test was July 6). Symptomatic players still in the building and around other teammates. But the same day people had symptoms we continued to practice instead of face the issue head on. Keep in mind we started fall camp on Friday July 31st. We have plenty of players and staff test positive over the past month. But you have probably have heard very little on the matter. Have y’all heard about us suspending anything? Of course not. There are meeting rooms with 100+ players and staff crammed into it with zero space no social distancing rules in sight.

The head coach knows and the head coach does nothing. The head coach does not care about his players safety as well as his staff and their families. He cares about the 500k we are about to earn by playing WVU in Morgantown at the end of the month.

Not a good look for the Colonels’ program, and this just highlights one of the many issues going on around college football during coronavirus, and EKU is FCS.

Just yesterday, Colorado State coaches allegedly advised players to not report COVID-19 symptoms.

As an Eastern Kentucky alumnus, it saddens me to see the program taking such little action about the health and well-being of the same kids that go out on the field and make that same athletic department and university money. It’s a shame and it is embarrassing.

Hopefully with White breaking the news of the lack of action taken by the Eastern Kentucky program, this leads to a change and to them taking coronavirus more seriously, or else EKU, and many other schools, won’t be playing college football this season.