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CSU football coaches have allegedly told players to not report COVID-19 symptoms

Among complaints include coaches telling players to hide COVID-19 symptoms, as well as threatening players with reduced playing time if they quarantined.

Colorado v Colorado State Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Some disturbing news is coming out of Fort Collins.

Several Colorado State players and staff are alleging that coaches have told players not to report COVID-19 symptoms, threatened players with reduced playing time if they quarantine, and claim that the school is altering contact tracing reports to keep players practicing, according to The Coloradoan.

Here is an excerpt of the report:

“I believe there is a cover-up going on at CSU,’’ said a current football player who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution. “But they could only cover it up so long and now that we have so many cases across athletics, they can’t cover it up anymore. It’s not about the health and safety of the players but about just trying to make money off the players.’’

Said an athletic department staff member: “There are some red flags in the athletic department but the common denominator with this administration is to protect the coaches before the student-athletes and that makes them feel more like cattle than student-athletes.’’

“I think everybody could be doing a better job,’’ the player said. “But for our coaches to tell players not to tell trainers if they have symptoms because we had so many guys out is wrong.’’

Now for what it’s worth, several players are saying these allegations are false.

Football is an important sport, and it makes a ton of money for universities, but none of that matters when it comes to the coronavirus. The health and safety of everyone should be priority No. 1. If that means there can’t be football this year, so be it.

If any of the CSU coaches truly did these things, then hopefully they’ll be punished in a way that sends a message to the rest of college athletics that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.